Children’s Dentistry in New Westminster, BC

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Bringing Out Your Child’s Smile

Your child’s growth is filled with memorable moments, including when they start getting their teeth. We want to ensure your child’s teeth are looked after so you can see them laugh, smile, and play comfortably. 

We believe by looking after your child’s dental needs and spotting potential issues before they cause disruption or discomfort, we can keep them happy and smiling throughout their childhood. Get in touch with us to book your child’s visit today.

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When Should Children See The Dentist

The Canadian Dental Association recommends your child see the dentist 6 months after their first tooth erupts or by the time they turn 1. After that, your child should visit us twice a year for regular dental exams, cleanings, and fillings if needed.

Visiting the dentist is integral to maintaining your child’s oral health. During their visits, we not only go through procedures but take time to teach your child about their teeth and give them tips on how to make brushing and flossing fun.

Creating a Comfortable Space

An unfamiliar environment and new sensations can make your child’s first few visits to the dentist overwhelming. Some common causes of dental anxiety in children are obstructed breathing during a cleaning or feeling like they can’t trust their dentist. 

We take all the necessary steps to ensure your child is comfortable during their appointment. From creating a relaxing atmosphere to going over everything we plan to do beforehand, your child’s well-being during their appointment is essential to us.

We’re Here to Help

Reach out today to schedule your child’s next appointment and begin their dental care journey. Our team at Viceroy Dental is excited to meet them and welcome them to our practice. We’ll see you soon!

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Our Location

You can find us on Belmont Street, right off Seventh Street. Plenty of parking is available directly on the street or in the lots with entrances on Belmont. Just look for our distinctive Viceroy Dental sign—we’re right inside waiting to help you out!

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